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almost 3 years ago

COVID-19 resources to help inspire

There are many ways blockchain can help us achieve a “new normal” in schooling, working, and living, but sometimes we just need a little something to help spark an idea.

Whether or not you have already started building your EOSIO solution for this hackathon, here are a few ideas to help you hit the ground running: 

  1. Supply Chains - Businesses rely heavily on electronic data exchange, and EOSIO can help manage both the data and the workflow
  2. Healthcare
    1. With a need to move their infrastructure online, healthcare organizations need better security to make this transition and keep their data safe from ransomware attacks and other security threats
    2. Electronic medical records consent can be improved through the use of EOSIO Smart Contracts
  3. Financial Services - Insurance claims processes can harness EOSIO technology, making them swifter and more secure
  4. Food Security - EOSIO can help facilitate the use of EBT and food stamps for low-income families
  5. Healthy Living - Personal fitness IoT devices can provide rewards through EOSIO 
  6. Voting - With elections approaching, EOSIO can help improve electronic voting, mitigate technological risks, and facilitate social distancing

These are just a few existing ideas, and this list is not meant to be a directivewe want you to be innovative!

Keep up the good work; we can’t wait to see what you build for beyond the crisis.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.